October 25 2011 - 8:14 pm

Name New Playlist From Selection

I use the "New Playlist from Selection" command a lot to create temporary playlists. Actually, I use the Shift-Command-N shortcut more often than clicking the command in the File menu. But I'm irritated at all the dancing I have to do to name the new "untitled playlist". It takes my attention away from what I was intending to do with the tracks. So, I rigged the script below to the keyboard shortcut Shift-Command-N—it works, luckily; sometimes assigning a shortcut that iTunes is already using doesn't override the original command. The script does exactly what "New Playlist from Selection" does except now I can enter the name for the playlist before it's created.

Here's the script:

tell application id ""
		set sel to selection
		if sel is {} then error
		set opt to (display dialog "Make new playlist from selected tracks named:" default answer ¬
			"" with title "Name New Playlist From Selection" with icon 1)
		set newName to (text returned of opt)
		if newName is "" then error
	on error
	end try
	set newPlaylist to (make new playlist with properties {name:newName})
	repeat with t in sel
			duplicate t to newPlaylist
		end try
	end repeat
	reveal newPlaylist
end tell

I named it "Name New Playlist from Selection", saved it to ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts/ and gave it the shortcut using these instructions.

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