February 14 2012 - 1:07 pm

NEW: Make Playlists By Tag

I'm finding it difficult to describe what this script does despite its seeming obviousness.

Make Playlists By Tag will create new playlists based on a particular tag. For example, in the screenshot below "Artist" is selected in the popup:

(You can also choose Album Artist, Album, Composer and their "Sort" siblings, Genre, or Year.) Each artist is listed with a checkbox. When the Proceed button is clicked, each checkmarked entry will be used as the name of a new playlist and every track whose artist tag is that entry will be copied to it. And so on if "Year" or "Album Artist" was selected.

As it happens, "Patti Smith Group" and "Pearl Jam" already exist as playlists so they are distinguished in the list by being colored red. I may not want to re-create these.

I'm not sure if I would use it to create a playlist of every Artist or Album; that may bloat iTunes' database.

A great companion to this app is Merge-Delete Playlists, which was just updated with some minor fixes.

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