February 13 2018 - 3:39 pm

UPDATED: Selected Playlists to iPod v3.0

Every so often I become re-enamored with my iPods. I have a 30GB "Video" iPod (5th gen) and a 160GB iPod Classic both of which still work very well. We talked about it on this episode of The Next Track podcast.

I recently heard from 3 different Correspondents within a single week who had updated their old iPods with 512GB SD cards—a procedure that I understand is very difficult.

The film "Baby Driver" has re-ignited the iPod love.

Vinyl is resurging. Cassettes are on a come-back. Could MP3 players be next?

Probably not. But, if you do still use an iPod from time to time then you might be interested in the update to Selected Playlists To iPod.

I sync music to one of my iPods, but the other is manually managed. There's an Autofill feature but I prefer to manually drag tracks and playlists to fill it up the old-fashioned way. Or use a script. Selected Playlists To iPod will allow you to select a batch of playlists in iTunes and have them copied to a connected iPod, rather than have to drag each one individually in iTunes.

This only works with "conventional" iPods—and not the iPod Shuffle. It may work with iOS devices, but iOS doesn't always buy what AppleScript is selling, if you know what I mean. The older iPod operating system works more co-operatively with iTunes.

Selected Playlists To iPod v3.0 is free to use with donation in appreciation requested. More information and download is here.

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