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August 10 2007 - 11:23 am

NEW: Track Names With Incremented Number v1.0

Probably misnamed, but coming up with a more descriptive title for Track Names With Incremented Number would have been a job. This script sets the Name of the selected tracks (or every track of a selected playlist) to a user-configured string using tag variables for the current name [name], track number [tn], episode number [en], episode ID [ep] and position in the selection order [#]. For example, a string such as "Desperate Housewives - Season 3/[en] - Episode [ep] - [name]" would render "Desperate Housewives - Season 3/5 - Episode 305 - Nice She Ain't", and so on. While it's great for TV Shows it could also prove handy for audiobook chapters and the like.

June 20 2007 - 4:31 pm

NEW: Nudge Stream URL

Nudge Stream URL is a stay-open applet that will attempt to keep the currently playing radio stream active. If the stream drops out, or another track is selected, the applet will re-open the stream's URL.

May 9 2007 - 11:43 am

NEW: Artist - Album - Disc from Selected Track

Artist - Album - Disc from Selected Track creates a new playlist--with the intention of burning its tracks to a CD--based on a single selected track's artist, album, and disc number. The tracks are ordered by album track number. There are other things to consider as well, so be sure to read the docs.

May 4 2007 - 7:31 pm

NEW: Number Song Names by Play Order

You know, there are probably four or five scripts here that attempt to number tracks or filenames the way people want. This has been an activity going back to SoundJam. Number Song Names by Play Order approaches the problem a little differently. The script will prefix each selected track's Song Name (I use the old "Song Name" nomenclature when actually the Song Name is now called "Name") with the number of its order in the selection (01, 02, 03...and so on). The selected tracks must be in a playlist that has been sorted by Play Order; ie, a user-created playlist, not a so-called "Master" playlist. The selection of tracks need not be contiguous, however it is important to have already established the Play Order. There's also an option to inhibit iTunes from renaming the tracks' filenames, since iTunes will automatically do that when you change a Song Name.

May 3 2007 - 4:06 pm

NEW: Get Airdate and Network

A Correspondent inquired whether the original airdate info for a TV Show track could somehow be obtained from the internet. While the IMDB offers this info, you can't really get at it so good with AppleScript, so I went with the--presumably--next best thing, which is Get Airdate and Network will use the show and episode names of a single selected TV Show track in iTunes to search the website for that episode's page and then parse that page for the original airdate and network. You can then either open's page for the episode or add the info to the selected TV Show's comment field. Note that results using this version are not one-hundred percent fruitful.

April 11 2007 - 11:09 am

NEW: Trackographer v1.0

Trackographer is a Stay-Open applet that will monitor iTunes and send tag information from each playing track (including radio streams if they provide track info) to a text file. Preferences can be set to include or not include various basic tags and to create a plain text file or a tab-delimited text file which can be imported into a spreadsheet.

April 6 2007 - 9:46 am

NEW: Search Artists to Make Sort Artist

This script doesn't do anything you couldn't already do manually, but does put the whole process into a single script. Search Artists to Make Sort Artist will search for tracks whose Artist tag contains a user-entered search string. It will then ask you for a text string to use in each of those tracks' Sort Artist Tag. Or, rather than have the script automatically enter a Sort Artist, you can choose to display the results of the search in a new playlist to inspect them, then use Batch Set Tracks Sorting Tags to set the Sort Artist tag of just the selected tracks. FWIW.

March 23 2007 - 9:52 am

NEW: Scour Web Page for Media v0.5

Scour Web Page for Media will examine the current web page in Safari for your choice of media files, such as those on a MP3 blog (currently mp3, aac, and pdf files are supported), and allow you to select any found files to download and then add them to iTunes. Options include selecting download location, adding to a particular iTunes playlist, and the ability to delete the original files after adding to iTunes.

March 21 2007 - 10:21 am

NEW: Current Track to Twitter v1.0

If you're a Twitter user, Current Track to Twitter is a stay-open applet that continuously monitors iTunes and when a new song starts playing will post info about that song to your Twitter account, including song name, artist, album, and rating stars. Geeky!

March 6 2007 - 8:40 am

NEW: Batch Set Tracks Sorting Tags

I don't know who doped my corn flakes yesterday, but after iTunes 7.1 came out I'd swear the dictionary didn't show the new sorting tags. Well, things have gotten back to normal here and I've got Batch Set Tracks Sorting Tags for you. This script will allow you to batch-set the new sorting tags ("Sort Name", "Sort Artist", "Sort Album Artist", "Sort Album", "Sort Composer", "Sort Show") of the selected tracks, rather than manually doing so one track at a time.

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