September 26 2010 - 1:05 pm

10.0.1 Peeve

If your iTunes library is being shared on your local network, when you quit iTunes you will get an alert box which "reminds" you that

I suppose this is fine, and my wife will appreciate this if she's watching my Mac's media on our Mac mini TV, but if an AppleScript tells iTunes to quit Right Now, the alert requires user to click a button, which 1) may defeat the intention of an unattended quit, 2) could screw up a script if the user chooses "Don't Quit", and 3) is annoying in general. A preference to shut this off, which I couldn't find, would be great.

UPDATE: A Correspondent informs me the Quit alert-while-sharing is not new. I have never seen it before, and do not see it on a machine running iTunes 10.0. But, whatever; it's still a peeve.

The fix for such a script might be to put a 30 second with timeout block on a quit command, or maybe a delay of 30 after it. I'm not wild about delays, though, because they stall the script. 30 seconds would cover the 20 seconds the dialog times-out at but you made need more time if iTunes performs some extended shut-down housekeeping tasks. Then you have to check if iTunes has actually quit after 30 seconds, and then handle what happens next if iTunes didn't quit--abort the task for which you needed iTunes shut off, presumably.

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