October 15 2010 - 11:55 am

Spins v1.0.2 Released

Spins analyzes your iTunes library and displays your most played tracks arranged and ranked by a variety of "breakout" configurations, not just the number of track rankers and breakouts based on plays by Song, Artist, Album; rankings can be filtered by Rating, Genre, and Year; see rankings for the entire library or a single playlist. Spins can give you a live-updated snaphot of plays and simple play percentages...give you instant play data on the currently playing or selected track...

With the registered version of Spins you can:

  • Quickly generate most-played track rankings from your iTunes library
  • Easily configure up to four panels each displaying various track plays and ranking information
  • Rank most played tracks, Artists, or Albums
  • Rank track plays in the total library or in selected playlists
  • Count unique track plays or pooled-from-the-artist's-albums track plays
  • Sort and filter track plays by Artist, Genre, Rating, and Year
  • Display plays data for the current playing track or a selected iTunes track
  • Display breakouts by Artists, Composers, Genres, Ratings, and Years

Left to right: Spins' "Breakouts" window, main window displaying one of four panels, and "Live Spins" floating display.

Updated in version 1.0.2 (current):

  • fixes issues when switching between multiple libraries
  • fixes bug displaying panels when selected playlist no longer exists in current library
  • fixes issue whereby initial scan of library cannot complete
  • will ignore radio stream play counts
  • fixes bug with "No Limit" setting (registered version)
  • added preference toggle to re-set panel options to defaults on each launch (registered version)
  • added Sparkle framework to provide update notifications and installations

This version is a free upgrade for registered users of v1.x.x.

Give Spins a spin...and see what you've been spinning.

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