October 25 2013 - 1:56 pm

Artwork Scripts and Mavericks

Some of the newer Artwork Management scripts will fail in Mavericks. They each use a routine that dumps artwork to a file which doesn't work very well under OS X 10.9:

tell me to set fileRef to (open for access pathToNewFile with write permission)

tell application id "" to write (get raw data of artwork 1 of theTrack) to fileRef starting at 0

tell me to close access fileRef

iTunes will give up an error like this: "AppleEvents/sandbox: Returning errAEPrivilegeError/-10004 and denying dispatch of event rdwr/writ from process 'Save Album Art to Album Folder' because it is not entitled to send an AppleEvent to this process."

(Two words I didn't want to see side-by-side: "AppleEvents" and "sandbox".)

The fix is to just stuff the raw data into a variable first then write the data to the file from the variable. I'll be working this fix into all the scripts affected over the next days and weeks.

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