March 6 2014 - 1:33 pm

iTunes Store Power Search at Your Fingertips

Kirk McElhearn posted today about accessing the (kinda hidden) iTunes Store "Power Search" panel:

The trick to making this panel visible is to use this link, which I suppose you could bookmark in your web browser and Command-Tab to that whenever you wanted to power search. But in the last century human beings invented AppleScript to free themselves from time-consuming drudgeries like that.

Just enter this in AppleScript Editor (or click the little script icon to open it automatically):

tell application "iTunes"

open location "itms://"

end tell

Name it whatever you like and Save it with the Format of "Script" in your ~Library/iTunes/Scripts/ folder. Then assign it a shortcut in iTunes.

This post was updated on March 9, 2014.

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