August 29 2014 - 8:21 am

More iTunes Power Search at Your Fingertips

[UPDATE: In iTunes 12.2 and later, selecting "Music" in this script will go to the "New" section of Apple Music. The other kind selections work as expected.]

Kirk has noticed that Apple has spruced up the iTunes Power Search page. Inspired, I improved this simple AppleScript to launch a Power Search by kind (click the AppleScript Editor icon below the code to display the code in AppleScript Editor on your machine):

set chooseOptions to {"All Results", "Apps", "Music", "Movies", "TV Shows", ¬

"Podcasts", "Books", "iTunesU"}

set optList to {"mt=3", "mt=8", "mt=1", "mt=6", "mt=4", "mt=2", ¬

"media=books#powerSearch&restrict=false&submit=media", ¬


set opt to (choose from list chooseOptions with prompt "iTunes Power Search...")

if opt is false then return

repeat with i from 1 to length of chooseOptions

if opt as text is (item i of chooseOptions) then

set opt to (item i of optList)

end if

end repeat

set link to ("itms://" & opt) as text

tell application "iTunes" to open location link

Save that as something like "Power Search" in your ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts/ folder and assign it a shortcut. When you launch it, you can select the area you want to search:

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