July 14 2015 - 2:16 pm

"When Is [insert name of script] Going to be Updated?"

Short answer: Soon.

Less-short answer: Pretty soon.

Long answer: There are about three dozen or so scripts that are affected by changes in iTunes 12.2. I'm updating those first and those updates should be finished within a couple of weeks. You may have noticed a number of updates in the past two weeks already. (Apple did not make a pre-release version of iTunes 12.2 available to developers, unlike the El Capitan developer releases. So I found out about changes when you did.)

Many other scripts need to be fixed for El Capitan specifically, but those are lower priority since 10.11 won't be officially released until the Fall. However, when I have had the opportunity, I've included fixes for 10.11 when making changes for the latest iTunes. But, generally, if you are using the El Capitan Public Beta, don't expect many scripts to be updated for at least a few weeks, until the scripts requiring updates for iTunes 12.2+ are updated.

As always, thanks for your support and patience.

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