October 19 2019 - 10:17 am

Batch Release of Fixed Updates

As I announced yesterday, the bug has been squashed. Here is a list of the scripts that were affected and links to their latest versions:

  • Increment Number Tags v3.1
    For Music/TV Set choice of various number tags of selected tracks incrementally
  • Quick Convert v5.1
    For Music Convert or import tracks with any encoder on the fly
  • Needle Drop v7.1
    For Music Play through each track in a playlist at your set interval
  • Album Rating Reset v4.1
    For Music Batch-change/clear the Album Rating for albums of selected tracks
  • Append to Selected Tag v5.1
    For Music/TV Append user-entered text to beginning or ending of selected tag of each selected track
  • List MIAs v5.1
    For Music Display, create text file listing info of dead tracks
  • This Tag That Tag v5.1
    For Music Applet assists with swapping, copying, appending data between track tags
  • Trackographer v6.1
    For Music Log info about playing tracks to text file
  • Multi-Item Edit v6.1
    For Music/TV View/Edit tags of selected track(s) in single window
  • File Renamer v4.1
    For Music/TV Use tag data to formulate new file name for selected tracks' files
  • Audition End v3.0
    For Music Play each track in playlist starting at user-set seconds from end
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