December 12 2019 - 8:12 am

UPDATED: Make A Text List v6.0

It only recently dawned on me that the TV app doesn't have any export features. So you can't export any kind of list of tracks in a playlist or library. Nor is there a Print menu, for that matter.

You realise, of course, that this means TV app users are being denied the ability to Generate Lists. Because Generating Lists is a thing that particular collectors and mavens do in earnest. Like, all the time. More time spent Generating Lists than viewing the media in the lists, actually.

There's nothing wrong with this. There's nothing wrong with this. There's nothing wrong with this. (A list! See?)

AppleScript has access to all the properties of all the tracks in the TV app. And this information can certainly be compiled and exported in a number of listy fashions. But each track has to be queried for data using one AppleScript technique or another, and any technique along those lines will be non-fast. Not slow. Just not fast. (The ITLibrary API has its own issues with the TV app: it be like, "what is the TV app?")

So then I thought: if one reeeally wants to Generate Lists from the TV app and if it's going to require a relatively non-fast effort to prepare a batch of track data anyway...why not give one the opportunity to customize the output?

Make A Text List is a lame name for a script applet that will apply a user-configurable pattern substitution string to a row of information from each selected track or each track in a selected playlist in the TV app. Kind of like how a template would work with a mail merge. Thus specific tags can be included or excluded as contextually required per media kind and user-entered text can be used for additional mark up.

Once the rows of data have been (non-fastly) assembled the full text can exported to a file, copied to the clipboard (in both cases as plain text) or printed/exported through a full-featured print dialog.

At this stage, Make A Text List is pretty basic and I expect a few fringe issues. Eventually I'd like it to support the Music app which still has some fairly flexible albeit somewhat limited export features.

More information—and I implore you to read the Read Me—and download for Make A Text List is here.

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