August 24 2023 - 12:45 pm

UPDATED: Lyrics Tag Viewer v1.0

Universal, for macOS 11 and later only. View and edit a selected track's Custom Lyrics tag in a non-modal window, which, unlike a track's Info panel, will not block keyboard and mouse activity in the Music app's interface.

Latest version:

  • Initial release

More information for Lyrics Tag Viewer v1.0 and download link is here.

August 12 2023 - 4:02 pm

UPDATED: Sundry Info To Comments v6.5

Copy your single choice of filename, file path (location), file's parent folder path, track's Date Added (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS), file creation date (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS), current playlist, volume adjustment, start/stop time (HH:MM.SS), rating stars as text, artwork size (WxH), purchaser name, purchaser account ID, encoder (if accessible) or SD/HD video to choice of Category, Comments or Description tag of each selected track. By putting data in one of these available tags it can be visible and sortable or used with Smart Playlist criteria.

I've kept the word "Comments" in the title of this script for legacy purposes, even though modern versions of it can write to other tags.

Latest version:

  • Adds a track's "Date Added" to list of sundry items
  • General maintenance
  • Accomodations for macOS Sonoma 14

More information for Sundry Info To Comments v6.5 and download link is here.

August 7 2023 - 2:04 pm

UPDATED: Album Rating Reset v5.3

This script will allow you to batch set or clear the Album Rating and/or Album Love/Suggest Less ( Dislike) for the albums of the selected tracks or the albums associated with the tracks in a selected playlist (note that only a single track from any album need be selected in order to change the album rating or loved of the entire album). Handy for clearing batches of albums of their user-set album ratings, or re-rating batches of albums.

Latest version:

  • Accommodations for macOS Sonoma 14
  • Minor UI and performance adjustments

More information for Album Rating Reset v5.3 and download link is here.

August 7 2023 - 11:43 am

UPDATED: Rate Me! Rate Me! v6.6

This stay-open applet watches your playing tracks and when one begins playing displays a notification-sized panel whereby a Rating, Love and/or Suggest Less/Dislike for the track can be entered. Features options to display only unrated playing tracks and timer preferences for how soon and how long the panel is displayed.

While you could easily rate the current track from the Music app's icon in the Dock, this script interrupts you and compels you to do so.

Latest version:

  • Fixed a glitch that made "stars" unclickable
  • Minor UI and performance fixes
  • Accommodates macOS Sonoma 14

More information for Rate Me! Rate Me! v6.6 and download link is here.

August 4 2023 - 4:54 pm

UPDATED: De-Genre v5.3

This script re-assigns the tracks of selected Genres to another Genre, ostensibly so that the original--and consequently any un-assigned-Genres--disappear from the Music app's Genre pop-up list. Of course, it can also be used simply to batch-edit Genres without having to assemble the tracks first.

As you may know, you can make superfluous Genres vanish from the Genre pop-up list simply by eliminating a reference to them in your tracks; when no tracks are assigned to a particular Genre, that Genre will be dropped. (Note however that Music's original Genre names cannot be removed this way; only those accumulated from other sources or created by you.)

Latest version:

  • Fixed an issue verifying user
  • Very minor fixes

More information for De-Genre v5.3 and download link is here.

August 4 2023 - 10:21 am

UPDATED: Remove From Other Playlists v2.3

This script will remove all replications of the selected tracks from every other user-created playlist (ignoring Smart, Genius, Apple Music, Shared and Media Library playlists, which are dynamic). The original selected tracks will not be removed from the selected playlist.

Also see Copy Tracks to Multiple Playlists.

Latest version:

  • Fixes issue that could have prevented some playlists from being accessed
  • General maintenance

More information for Remove From Other Playlists v2.3 and download link is here.

July 31 2023 - 3:12 pm

NEW: Play Previous Play Next Playlist v1.0

Two scripts, "Play Previous Playlist" and "Play Next Playlist", will select and start playing the respective playlist. Works optimally when each is assigned a keyboard shortcut. Be sure to see the read-me .rtfd doc for more info and minor caveats.

Latest version:

  • Initial release

More information for Play Previous Play Next Playlist v1.0 and download link is here.

July 23 2023 - 3:51 pm

UPDATED: List MIAs v6.4

This applet checks your Music or TV library for missing and presumed dead tracks--those tracks that have become disassociated from their file and which are listed with a "!"--and can delete them from the app or create a text file listing these tracks by last known File Path, Title, Artist and Album, which you can view using TextEdit.

Latest version:

  • Maintenance and minor performance fixes
  • Tested successfully with macOS Sonoma 14

More information for List MIAs v6.4 and download link is here.

July 22 2023 - 4:25 pm

UPDATED: Tracks Without Embedded Artwork v3.2

MP3, AAC and ALAC audio files have the capability to store artwork image data internally as metadata, thus allowing artwork to "travel" with a file. This applet will examine the files of the selected tracks (or tracks in the selected playlist) for artwork metadata. Eligible audio tracks whose files are capable of embedding image data but do not contain artwork metadata will be copied to a new discrete playlist.

Note: Music-assigned artwork may not necessarily be embedded as metadata; pre-ID3v2 MP3s do not store image data; this applet ignores how the Finder may or may not display an audio file's icon image.

Latest version:

  • Maintenance release, general updating
  • Tested successfully in macOS Sonoma 14

More information for Tracks Without Embedded Artwork v3.2 and download link is here.

July 21 2023 - 5:58 pm

UPDATED: Duplicate Playlist Folder as Playlist v3.0

This script will copy all the unique tracks in a selected Playlist Folder to a new "plain" playlist, essentially duplicating the tracks as viewed when the Playlist Folder is selected. Optionally, after copying, the selected source Playlist Folder can be deleted along with the playlists it contains (of course, the tracks remain in your library). Note that if any "dead" tracks exist at any level of the selected Playlist Folder the script will fail.

Latest version:

  • Expanded main window UI to better accommodate settings and options
  • Performance, UI and security enhancements

More information for Duplicate Playlist Folder as Playlist v3.0 and download link is here.

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