May 4 2019 - 11:45 am

ViTLXML (View iTunes Library XML) App Updated

ViTLXML can open any iTunes XML file and display it in a familiar, user-friendly interface. In the screenshot below, the XML is an old iTunes v12.2 Library XML file last saved in 2015:

Using ViTLXML you can:

  • Inspect the contents of other libraries without having to load them into iTunes
  • Display raw XML text alongside formatted views of track entry metadata
  • Use Search and Filter options for fine-grained examinations
  • Detect which track entries may have corresponding entries in the current library
  • Drag out accessible media files to copy or add to iTunes
  • Export playlist information, with options to replace file path components
  • Export Smart Playlist criteria from other XMLs into current iTunes library
  • Copy accessible files to new location with referencing XML playlist file
  • Evaluate an old library against the current iTunes library
  • Reconstruct older playlists with current tracks
  • Check for XML corruption and anomalies

ViTLXML is easy to use. Read the Quick Help page for a rundown of features and tools.

ViTLXML is handy to have if you manage multiple libraries or want to examine or repurpose old back-ups or just need a different way of looking at your current iTunes library. Download the demo and try it out for yourself now.

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