September 24 2018 - 12:37 pm

Updates for Mojave

As I mentioned last week, I have been updating scripts and apps for Mojave on a piecemeal basis. There are a good forty or so scripts now ready for Mojave Monday and the apps Dupin v2.14.2, M3Unify v1.11.1 and Join Together v7.8.2 have received initial updates for Mojave.

Mojave-ready scripts will explicitly state that they have been updated for Mojave. Otherwise, most scripts that can run on macOS 10.10 and later will likely be fine in 10.14. Except for being ignorant of your Dark Mode settings. And perhaps other very minor and benign incompatibilities.

Also, as I mentioned, the first time you run any apps or scripts of mine in Mojave you will be asked to "OK" access to iTunes.

If you click on "Don't Allow", you will need to visit System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Privacy and re-authorize the script.

I will continue to be cranking out updates over the coming days and weeks.

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